The philosophy of “Ritoccarte” is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Professionalism – inspection to evaluate the best intervention to solve the problem, respecting the work place and maximum cleanliness.
  • Precision – retouching and repairs with materials and colors personally prepared to the rule of art.
  • Quality – use only of high quality materials and with excellent results.

Specialists in bringing back to the original state everything what is in wood, leather and other materials.

Each wood has its own characteristics made of veins, colours, shades and reflections.

Knowing how to recognize these characteristics and their reproduction is essential for successful work.

Having the ability to recreate the same effects is rare quality that the technicians of “Ritoccarte” possess.

This allows finishing the work flawlessly with the final optical effect identical to the original one.

Replacing a damaged part of the leather often means having different shades of colours and texture of the leather used, keeping the original leather, the specialists of “Ritoccarte” repair the damage and reconstruct the material (wood or leather) as if it was a work of art, bringing the object to the original state with the same colour and with the same identical shades or veins as the original, keeping the value intact.

That is that for others it may seem like an impossible challenge for specialists of “Ritoccarte” its daily work.


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