Leather / faux leather / ECO leather / Plastics etc..
I. Professional cleaning of the leather and other materials.
II. Regeneration of the leather and other materials.
III. Colour recovery due to colour loss or prolonged use.
IV. Customized colour preparation.
V. Repair/ restoration of holes, scratches, leather scars too noticeable.
VI. Pan stains removing.
VII. Reconstruction of the leather and other materials on unperfected cuts and joints.

WOOD: lacquered / glossy / matt / furniture / walls / floors
I. Repair, reconstruction and finishing of : holes, scratches, cracks, dents and other damages on the wood and other materials, recuperating with the same draw and the same shades and reflections of the original wood. Example floors, furniture and walls.
II. Restoring the original colour or gradient due to bleaching or loss of colour from the sun.
III. Recovery of scratched or worn glossy furniture with revarnishing or polishing.
IV. Applying and finishing with gold/silver or copper leaf on the furniture.
V. Applying tailored tinted silicon with accuracy.

OTHER MATERIALS: wallpaper/ velvet/ alcantara / suede/fitted carpet etc…
I. Repair of small scratches, holes, pen and marker stains, etc.
II. Reconstructions on drawings, paintings, decorative panels and other artistic elements.
III. Other materials will be evaluated after taking inspection.

We are offering our services for décor on commissions as:
faux wood / faux marble etc; paintings.


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